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Olympic Games – Virtues Integrated – 7th Grade

Within the construction process of the integrated project, “I AM AN OLYMPIAN”, on March 11th we took the next step with the celebration of the “Olympic Games”, an event proposed by the Family Coordinators so that the students could have the experience of participating in a sports competition where they could experience the adrenaline, demand and concentration that high-performance athletes can have at the professional level.

With shouts of encouragement, of great passion to give their best, the 7thABCD students left everything they had in each of the sports stations that we proposed, achieving levels that culminated in recognition with medals and participation diplomas as follows: 7thB Gold Medal, 7thC Silver Medal, 7thA Bronze Medal, and 7thD Diploma to exalt their spirit of play, respect and commitment within the competitions.

We highlight the great contribution made by the music students from 6thABC, 7th ABCD and 8th ABCD who enhanced the moment with a musical opening in Small Band format, singing and doing Body percussion with the song Happy by Pharrel Williams, all of which were of the highest quality.

We would like to thank the entire “Events†logistics team headed by MarÃ

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