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Revolutionary Infographics – Middle Ages – 8th Grade

As we move forward through our inquiry into the Middle Ages in 8th grade, students have been engaging with the Scientific Revolution. They have been investigating about the causes and consequences of this Revolution and all of the great things that it has brought to our lives today. In order to show their understanding of the lesson they created some beautiful infographics to teach others about the Scientific Revolution and a famous scientist from that age. Students needed to research and use their summarization skills in order to distill the complex topics into easier to understand for others that are not familiar with the topic. I am very proud of the students and the work they have completed.

Kimon Steenpoorte Middle School – 8th grade Middle Ages teacher

Resumen: esta semana en el curso de AP de Español, Cultura y Literatura, estuvimos trabajando en una serie de debates muy interesantes. Estos se basaron en la publicación “The 100: A ranking of the most influential persons in history†escrito por Michael H. Hart, quien define, basado en unas directrices muy especÃ

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