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Soccer at Rochester Came Back and in What a Way

After a hard pandemic, soccer returned to the school and in what a way.

It was a long process, which with effort managed to form two representative groups in the Senior and Junior categories, the latter with the majority of players born in 2010 prepared and ready to compete with players up to 2007, making up for the size with quality and technique, occupying the sixth position 6 among 18 participating teams.

We take this space to highlight the Senior team, who to date have played 5 games and are undefeated.

Congratulations to the teams!

William Andrés Machado Siachoque Soccer Trainer

Resumen: Después de una dura pandemia, el fútbol volvió al Colegio y de qué manera.

Fue un proceso bastante largo, que con esfuerzo logró conformar dos grupos representativos en las categorÃ

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