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The Farm, The Jungle and The Sea – Bilingual Shared Classroom – Kindergarten

During the last two weeks in kindergarten we have been traveling to different habitats. Starting with farm animals, learning the usual activities of a farm like milking a cow and being in a muddy environment. Students play and learn throughout centers such as the Tangram center where the students were asked to make a chicken, horse, sheep, and a pig using tangram. Secondly, wash and clean the muddy animals with a toothbrush. Thirdly, milk the cow slowly and carefully. Lastly, play a memory game called pairs to review the learned vocabulary.

Jungle centers 

In the shared classroom we play different educational games and switch every six minutes in order to be extremely connected with each activity. This week we practiced and learned about jungle animals. Normally during class we have three or four centers per class.

Center # 1: Students rescued animals that were trapped, then freed them and camouflaged them according to their animal skin pattern. Center # 2: I spy zoo animals. Students were asked to count the number of zebras, tigers , giraffes, crocodiles, elephants and flamingos,  then write the answer next to the corresponding animal. Center # 3: Animal books collection. Students read silently and explored different books. Center # 4: students  solved different animal puzzles. Center # 5: Students made an animal sculpture using play dough.

Jungle adventure 

Adventures are always fun. This time we found animals around the gardens of the school. For this class the first 15 minutes were to create your special and unique binoculars using recycled paper rolls, shakiras, and handmade flowers. Then with our checklists and markers we started our adventure. Students saw wild animals like snakes, tigers, koalas, toucans, gorillas and ladybugs. An activity full of laughter, mystery and new vocabulary.

Under the sea 

This week we started a new adventure under the sea, we played, learned, and more importantly, we worked together as a team. Center # 1 was about saving the animals from plastic. Students saved the animals by taking away the plastic of the ocean. We discussed in class the impact of ocean pollution, the future consequences and possible solutions. Center # 2: Who am I? Students guessed the animal covered with blue shaving cream and cleaned the animal to see the answer. Center # 3: Building an aquarium. Students made an aquarium for the stuffed sea animals with lego blocks. Center # 4: An ocean filled with letters. Students picked a card and looked into the water for the letters they needed to make the word.

We are excited to continue learning through our adventures!

Maria Juliana RodrÃ

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