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Virtue of the month-Integral Health 2

The components of Integral Health are physical health, mental health and spiritual health. In the last edition of the Thursday Times, we discussed about the importance of mental health and its relationship with happiness according to Choice Theory. In today’s edition, we want to further explore what physical health entails.

Physical health is achieved with healthy eating habits, restful sleeping hours and a proper balance between fun, academics, arts and sports. For more information about healthy eating habits, we share with you a booklet created by Red PaPaz about strategies for promoting eating habits, preventing health issues, and getting to know more about our national laws. Please click on the button below to download the booklet.

Pamela Ospina/Virtues Development Curriculum Coordinator

Resumen: compartimos con ustedes una cartilla de alimentación saludable realizada por Red PaPaz para profundizar más en el concepto de salud fÃ

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