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We awaken sensibility through Dance

Students in Kindergarten have explored the animal world by depicting different endangered species in an amazing real-life story turned into a dance, based on movements of animals and people, including the Rochester community, which seeks to protect all species.  They have approached some dance elements through the body, space, time and energy, learning twists and turns, asymmetric positions, and memorizing sequences of steps within a fun choreography. They have danced telling stories, using the body within a very natural rhythm and movement, thus awakening all their expression and sensibility. In addition, they have the opportunity to create their own fragments and incorporate them into the choreography, showing that they are capable of creating, dancing, and creating through dance. 

It is wonderful to see how the children are evolving in their way of expressing and making the movements, with the appropriateness and amplitude of dancers! 

Resumen: Despertamos la sensibilidad a través de la Danza

Los niños de Kinder han explorado el mundo animal representando diferentes especies en vÃ

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