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Being a Manager – Average and Exchange Rate / Math Class – Upper Elementary

In the last Unit, average and rate, the 5th Grade students discovered the importance of using data based information to make decisions. Through the project, “Being a Managerâ€, they experienced how to look up information in order to give a basic statistical analysis. They had to compare the performance of different celebrities using average, and then, decide which one they will sponsor.  Jose Thomas Castiblanco and Simon Gomez chose to compare the performance (per season) of 3  different soccer players: Robert Lewandowski, Lionel Messi, and Kylian Mbappé. They recorded the information of their goals each season and found the average ( goals per season). They also portrayed the performance over time using line graphs. Their conclusion, according to the statistics,  was that they wanted to sponsor Robert Lewandowski; although the difference between his average and Mbappé´s performance might be due to the fewer observations (because he has only played 8  seasons). 

Alfonso MejÃ

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