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Colorful Language by Danna Garcia – Tenth Grade

Tenth grader, Danna Garcia, worked on an assignment in which students had been asked to use creative writing to demonstrate their competence and comprehension of the power of figurative language to transform a written piece of work into a vivid recreation of a scenario and a story. Danna embraced this project and excelled at it by exploring her narrative and imaginative skills through writing. She did not only accomplished a proper exploration, but she also validated her flair for writing. Danna has started considering what her quality world is regarding the field she wants to be in, which is literature. The language proficiency and the inspiration she conveys in her words are coherent with her life goals and surpass the expected competency proposed for this task. Excellent job, Danna!

Natasha Restrepo  High School English Teacher

Resumen: Lenguaje colorido por Danna GarcÃ

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