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Fun Safety Agreements – Virtues Class – 8th Grade

One of the key components for the virtues curriculum this school year is when the 8th grade students are asked to share their perspectives, quality world pictures and values as a grade level. As a group, learners shared this information as well as what it means to have fun and the expected behaviors when going out and being with their friends. Students and parents were then invited to a workshop provided by experts at the school in order to discuss the effect of substances on the brain, legal aspects of underage substance consumption, and other such topics. Parents and grade representatives then then met to use all this information to create a document outlining the expected behaviors and safe ways of having fun when spending time together. The document took into account all of the relevant information from both the students and parents perspective as well as the information workshop. The created document was then sent home to all of the students and parents to be signed. This helps to facilitate discussions about going out, having fun and spending time with others. We are very proud of our learners for sharing and of our loving parents who took the time to help come up with the agreements.

Kimon Steenporte Family Coordinator – 8th Grade

Resumen: Uno de los componentes clave para el plan de estudios de las virtudes de este año escolar es cuando se pide a los alumnos de 7º Grado que compartan sus perspectivas, imágenes del mundo de calidad y valores como nivel de grado. Como grupo, los alumnos compartieron esta información, asÃ

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