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Good News From The Globe Program

We Are Part of The International Virtual Symposium of The GLOBE Program!

 Our students made it, this is so amazing! The story begins like this: During the second term, in Natural Science class, second graders practiced several scientific skills such as observation, asking investigative questions, register data and conclude. By observing the clouds and checking the temperature of the environment, students asked themselves if those data could help them predict the weather to be prepared for rainy or sunny days.

 This project, led by our Science Teacher, Manuela Venegas, impressed the judges so now part of the International Virtual Symposium of GLOBE Program. Our school participates in the international science and educational program with certified Science teachers. We are very proud of this achievement, but more than anything we highlight the autonomy with which they worked setting up the project!


Somos parte del Simposio Internacional de The Globe Program

Nuestros estudiantes lo lograron, ¡esto es impresionante! La historia comienza asÃ

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