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PI Day, What an Irrational Day – Math, Science and Computer Science Show and Tell

Last March 14th, we celebrated our traditional Pi Day (Math, Science and Computer Science Show and Tell). Students, alumni, and teachers showed their communication skills and methodologies for solving problems during a day full of happiness, movement, innovation, and learning. More than 350 presenters were proud to show their projects, which they had done during the classes.

Students from Preschool, Lower Elementary, and Middle School were able to visit the Mobile Planetarium and the Butterfly Museum.  The day closed with the Pi Olympiads, in which parents and students from different levels worked cooperatively in solving different questions and challenges.

Marcos Aguilera

Adriana Biagi

Ramiro Londoño

Ma.del Pilar Tunarroza

Resumen:El pasado 14 de Marzo, celebramos nuestro tradicional DÃ

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