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Preparation for the First Communion in 4th Grade

Dear parents:

It is a joy to share with you everything we have done in class to this date. In 4th Grade, the emphasis is the preparation for the First Communion that is organized in two parts: The first part goes until February, the Reconciliation. The second from February to May, which is The First Communion. For The Reconciliation, we use the textbook together with the digital notebook that students will use in class. We want to remind everyone that there are activities in the Schoology that are carried out as a family. On Fridays they take the book home and bring it to class.

We have successfully carried out two activities corresponding to the preparation for the First Communion. The first activity, is a workshop for parents on Reconciliation and the Ceremony of Reconciliation. Students, starting this month, begin this experience as a space for personal reflection and group sharing. 

Remember that families help us by sending a letter to their children.

3A: March 24 (Suspended)

3B: March 31 (To be confirmed)

3C: April 21 (To be confirmed)

3D: April 28 (To be confirmed)

 Below we share with you some photos of the parent workshop and Reconciliation Ceremony.

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