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Rochester School: A Successful Sustainable School as referred to by the CEO of the United States Gre

On August 26th, Mahesh Ramanujam, the CEO of the United States Green Building Council, hosted the regional executive event “Latin America Town Hallâ€. 

Mr. Ramanujam referred to our school as a case study because it is the first project and school certified as LEED Gold v3 in 2014, and then, as LEED Gold OM v4.1 in 2019, through the ARC Platform. Mr. Ramanujam shared with the audience Rochester School’s performance, main strategies, and, most importantly, our commitment to transform society and educate future sustainable leaders.

The event was very informative, and focused on the premise that healthy places are equal to healthy economies, as well as the fact that LEED for cities & communities represents a sustainable future for all. Taking into consideration the USGBC pillars: sustainability, resiliency, social and health equity and wellness, all the more so now faced with this global contingency, Mr. Ramanujam recognized our leadership and shared his best wishes for a rapid and sustainable reopening after Covid-19 lockdown.

Resumen: Nuestro colegio fue referido como un caso de estudio por el Director Ejecutivo del USGBC, Mahesh Ramanujam, en un evento para América Latina, destacando, tanto nuestro desempeño, como nuestro liderazgo y compromiso en la transformación de la sociedad y la educación de los futuros lÃ

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