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“Shared Bread” Initiative – A Dream Come True!

Dear Rochester Community:

Last Friday, November 19, at 9:00 a.m., we went to the Fusca Educational Institution, with our hands full of faith, hope and gratitude, with the 32 non-perishable food packs that between all of you and us, we managed to organize for the families of the students of “English for Fusca”, a program of the Sustainability Area, from the Education project.

Those were emotional and touching moments full of joy, as all the families and the children of Fusca, along with the Principal, Fernando Pinzón, were waiting for us with open arms. Seeing their faces, perceiving their amazement and receiving their gratitude, filled our hearts and souls. Feeling that as a school and community, we are contributing to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal # 2, Zero Hunger, invites us to continue along this path with great inspiration.

We wish to give special thanks to Luis Eugenio Posada, our Social Sustainability Coordinator, who has worked tirelessly for the English for Fusca program for more than three years. Thank you Luis Eugenio for showing us that it is in giving that we receive! To the Student Council representatives who accompanied us, Gabriela Sánchez, President, Josué Ariza, Vice President, Nicolás Cortés, Treasurer and Ximena Cortés, Personerita, it was an honor to see you so happy and committed delivering this first groceries supply to each family. To Jorge Quintero, our Sustainability Director, Sandra Adarme, Sustainability Assistant and Daniela Escobar, Sustainability Intern, thank you very much for your tireless work! Thanks to all the members of the Executive Committee of the Rochester Educational Foundation, Diana Alba, Ma. Juliana MartÃ

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