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Talking About Integral Health

By Andrea Polanco, High School 2 Director

Carolina Casas, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Personal Development Coach and former student of Rochester School, visited the eleventh grade students to talk to them about her professional experience and how she became a Coach for leaders and managers.

She also spoke to them about the meaning and importance of comprehensive health and how she takes care of all aspects of her integral health through different activities.

The students learned about Carolina's profession, clarified doubts about the difference between being a psychologist and a coach. 

She also guided them on the self evaluation processes through key questions, so that the students learn to find the purpose of their lives.


Por Andrea Polanco, Directora de Bachillerato

Hablamos de salud integral 

Carolina Casas, Life Coach, Executive Coach, Personal Development Coach y  exalumna del Colegio Rochester, visitó a los estudiantes de décimo grado para hablarles sobre su experiencia profesional y cómo llegó a ser Coach de líderes y gerentes. 

Además les habló del significado y la importancia de salud integral  y como ella cuida todos los aspectos de su salud integral a través de diferentes actividades.

Los estudiantes aprendieron sobre la profesión de Carolina, aclararon dudas sobre la diferencia entre ser psicólogo y coach. Así mismo los orientó sobre los procesos de autoevaluación a través de preguntas clave, para que los alumnos aprendan a encontrar el propósito de sus vidas. 

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