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The Legend of the Red Thread

Many months have elapsed since we first went into confinement, preventing us from seeing, hearing and hugging our friends, family members and other loved ones. Now that we are slowly starting a new period of selected confinement, it is helpful to read stories and legends that help us remember that we, human beings, are wired to connect with each other because cooperation and invisible connectedness is what shapes life on earth. The following is one of those simple, but profound stories that reminds us of this  human natural bonding: 

“An oriental legend has it that people destined to meet are connected by an invisible red thread. This thread never disappears and remains constantly tied to your fingers, despite time and distance. No matter how long it takes to meet that person, no matter how long you spend without seeing that person, even if you live on the other side of the world: the thread will stretch to infinity but it will never break. Its owner is destiny. Rumour has it that the legend began when finding out that the ulnar artery connects the little finger (other sources speak of the ring finger, which has more tradition in our culture) with the heart, source of life and eternally conceived as the home of love … It is a red thread straight to the heart.â€Â 

In these troubled times of the pandemic, we can always reflect upon this legend, keeping in mind that even if we cannot see our loved ones, enjoy a hug or kiss the special people in our lives, we are always deeply connected and we are destined to maintain that invisible and powerful connection.  

Resumen: Han pasado muchos meses desde que entramos en confinamiento, impidiendonos ver, oÃ

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