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Trip to Ancient Egypt – Ancient World Class – 7th Grade

Students from 7th Grade traveled through time to learn about ancient civilizations. One of the stops they had in their trip was Ancient Egypt. In order to discover how living there was, students visited two different sources: Edgenuity, and The Bible. To demonstrate their learning, they chose a scene from The Exodus and then brought it to life by drawing it. 7th B voted for the drawings they liked the most. Congratulations to Sara Sanabria, and Tomás Pinilla for these amazing drawings!

Ricardo Baquero Social Sciences Teacher Middle School and High School

Resumen:Los alumnos de 6º Grado viajaron a través del tiempo para conocer las antiguas civilizaciones. Una de las paradas que hicieron en su viaje fue al Antiguo Egipto. Para descubrir cómo se vivÃ

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