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Upper Elementary Real World English Commences Blended Learning with the Our World Online Learning Pl

In 2019–2020, our school invested in the Our World English Language Teaching series for primary school students from National Geographic Learning (NGL). This program promotes learning English through “real-world†content, from areas such as Science and Social Sciences, and becoming responsible global citizens who are knowledgeable and caring stewards of our planet.

For this school year, we have purchased the revised edition, including the Our World 2e Online Learning Platform, which has been nominated for a 2020 SIIA (The Software & Information Industry Association) Codie Award, recognizing and honoring the very best software, education, information, financial and media products that represent excellence and innovation in the industry.

NGL’s Our World 2e Online Learning Platform provides primary English learners with learning materials from innovative interactive activities and games to video and audio content. These digital materials are designed as supplements that augment the classroom experience with individualized learning paths that accompany the print edition Student Books. Through this platform, students can self-evaluate their performance and teachers can monitor their progress.

In 5th Grade, Ms. Guiselle Rincón’s students have been actively using this technology in their first two units as they have explored extreme weather and how to prepare for it, as well as how animals protect themselves from predators. Through these learning units, students use the online learning activities to further develop their language competence, including grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension, and visual literacy, as well as other THISREAL life competencies, such as Technology use, Inquiry thinking and acting, Solving issues, Analysis & Assessment of self, and Leading their own learning.

Dana L. Pao, M.Ed. Academic Director, Grades 4–12

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