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Virtue of The Month- Systems Citizen (We Take Care of our Community)

Being a Systems Citizen has to do with understanding our role in our community and how our daily actions affect other components of the system. Preventing viruses spreading and understanding public health issues are our responsibility as part of living in community. Preschool students have been working on teaching us about healthy habits. You can watch their production in the attached video. You may also watch some recommendations in the following video from the “Universidad El Bosque”. 

We kindly invite you to read it at home.

Resumen: evitar la propagación de los virus es nuestra responsabilidad y demuestra nuestra ciudadanía sistémica. Los invitamos a ver el siguiente video de la Universidad El Bosque. También pueden observar el video adjunto realizado por estudiantes de Prejardín quienes nos enseñan sobre hábitos saludables.

Pamela Ospina Virtues Development Curriculum Coordinator

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