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Welcome to The New Revised Home Learning

Welcome again to a new revised version of Home Learning for August! Our teachers prepared well for this renovated experience keeping in mind our Highest Priority Goal: Every student feels safe, loved, learns all that is expected and his / her parents perceive it that way.

Attached please find the general guidelines that our Faculty team will follow during Home Learning. The Principalship will review and update these guidelines for the upcoming academic terms.

Our features include:

  1. Schedules in place now for Home Learning in August with zoom links and passwords to ensure security of our students and teachers.

  2. Teachers are constantly reminding students about ethics and integrity while online learning with our Netiquette Code of Honor and its correlation with the Virtues Development Program.

  3. Teachers are aware of the importance of having movement in every class as well as active pauses to keep our students’ integral health in place.

  4. We ask students everyday to open their cameras to see them and make sure they are socially and emotionally doing well. Questions about how they feel are frequently asked because their well-being is a priority to us. 

  5. Our curriculum in Alma is ready to be consulted by students and parents, with a special focus in August to start the year.

  6. Our guidelines include two new sections: Effective strategies learned from last year and Safety measures for our children and teenagers. The first one relates to our belief that learning is maximized when previous experiences (pre-exposure and priming) are taken into account and what works well is used as the basis to continue building meaningful learning experiences. The second section focuses on different safety and well-being procedures and routines that we want to emphasize in order to be in tune with our interest in safeguarding children’s rights.

  7. Our sessions last 55 minutes, and depending on the grade level, some time is used to teach and learn via Zoom and some other time for students to work offline,  with the purpose of reducing the amount of time spent on the screen, and fostering autonomy in the classroom. 

  8. Our classes will continue to be structured in three moments: readiness, development, and processing. 

  9. As part of our third pillar, the use of self-evaluation methods and strategies on a daily basis is enhanced. For example, teachers use SESIR: Show, Explain, Self-evaluate, Improve and Repeat, in order for students to become confident about what they learn and accomplish the criteria set for competent, advanced, and/or mastery learning. 

We want to delve more deeply into our Code of Honor because these guidelines help us build a trustworthy and respectful learning environment, which is a must for significant learning to take place. We invite you all to read as a family how each of our seven virtues are present everywhere and how they become our north. 

We would like you to get acquainted with our Strategic Intent, which is structured on the basis of our three pillars: Healthy and Sustainable Environment, Useful & Quality Learning for Life and the World, and Internal Responsibility towards Happiness and Success. May this year be filled with optimism, gratefulness and caring!

Resumen: ¡Bienvenidos nuevamente a una nueva versión revisada de Aprendizaje en Casa para agosto! Nuestros docentes se han preparado bien para esta renovada experiencia teniendo en cuenta nuestra Meta de Alta Prioridad: Cada estudiante se siente seguro, querido, aprende todo lo esperado y sus padres así lo perciben.

Compartimos los Lineamientos de Aprendizaje en Casa que seguirán los miembros de nuestro equipo docente. La dirección del Colegio revisará y actualizará estos lineamientos de manera periódica. 

Queremos hacer énfasis en nuestro Código de Honor teniendo en cuenta que su contenido nos ayuda a construir un ambiente de aprendizaje confiable y respetuoso, lo cual es imprescindible para lograr un aprendizaje significativo.

Los invitamos a todos a leer en familia la manera como cada una de nuestras siete virtudes están siempre presentes y cómo se convierten en nuestro norte. 

De igual manera,  queremos familiarizarlos con nuestra Intención Estratégica, la cual está compuesta  por nuestros tres pilares: Ambiente Saludable y Sostenible, Aprendizaje Útil y de Calidad para la Vida y el Mundo, y Responsabilidad Interior frente a la Felicidad y el Éxito. ¡Que este año esté lleno de optimismo, agradecimiento y cariño!

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