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“Why Eat Local?”, Real World English. 4th Grade

We understand now the importance of appreciating and buying local food mainly because of three reasons:

When we buy local, we:

– buy fresher and thus healthier veggies and fruits. Non-local food has more preservatives or food additives in it to make them last longer and prevent spoiling, that way they stay “fresh” during their long trips.

– support local farmers and contribute to their family income.

– help reduce the Greenhouse gas emissions mainly from transportation, since non-local food generates a larger carbon footprint on our planet than local food.

We also learned how to grow celery without planting seeds. Do it yourself too! Using the celery we buy at a local market, cut the bottom of it. Then use toothpicks to hold it in a little bowl and add some water to just touch the bottom of the celery. That’s it! You will see how it grows and then you just plant it in your garden!

Ours has been clearly growing!

Check out all our work in this Why Eat Local? Padlet!

Resumen: “¿Por qué comer localmente?”, Real World English. 3º grado

Los estudiantes de RWE 3 A,B y C estuvieron muy comprometidos con su indagación sobre el por qué debemos apreciar la comida y mercados locales y lo que implica el hacerlo: alimentarnos con comida más saludable y fresca, apoyar a nuestros campesinos y contribuir a reducir la huella de carbono en nuestro planeta.

Te invitamos a revisar nuestras evidencias en nuestro Padlet Why Eat Local?

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