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Campus Reopening: A joint effort led by the Biosafety Committee

Last Tuesday, September 1st, we started our second academic term with 53% of the population in Home Learning and 47%  On-Campus. As a school, we are committed to provide all our students with a quality educational experience. In this respect, we welcome and celebrate the authorization granted by the Secretariat of Education of Chia to reopen our campus, in keeping with the biosafety protocol and all the applicable safety/security measures. 

We acknowledge and give special recognition to the hard work carried out by the Biosafety Committee members: Juan Pablo Aljure, Jorge Quintero, Diana Alba, Tatiana Leguizamón, Solangie González, Juli Quintero, Liliana Medina & Jaime Medina, who, with their expertise and knowledge, envision the requirements and measures to be able to have our students and staff safely back on campus. This is a call to action: learning is more meaningful when it is built with others within a rich and warm environment. Children are by nature social beings who need to talk to others, play, move around, exercise, jump, and above all, learn how to be happy, autonomous and caring human beings. You can achieve this only when you are at school and develop all the useful competencies for life and the world. We are aware of the fact that safety measures need to be maximized in this era of COVID-19, and we have done everything in our power to guarantee a safe place for our students. Safety and well-being are our priority.

Achieving a goal is possible when many hands work together. Therefore, we celebrate cooperation and collaboration! An endeavour of such complexity as the reopening of a campus requires brilliant minds making all efforts to think creatively and making sure every piece of the puzzle fits together. As a community, we feel proud of this achievement and want to give heartfelt congratulations to our Biosafety Committee. You achieved what seemed impossible and taught us all it is totally worth coming back!!!

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