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Can We Survive in Another Planet? – Biology, Chemistry and Physics Integrated Project –

This is a question even NASA is asking. Well, students from 9th and 10th grades are using a model to find out if this is possible in an integrated project from Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

We are simulating the growth of plants on different planets by altering some variables like PH, nutrients concentration and light intensity ant type. For this, simultaneously, in each subject, students started to work on this project with a specific discipline and role in mind. In Biology, students learned about plant growth, limiting factors and sustainable agriculture. In Physics, students learned about different planet’s conditions and electromagnetic radiation. In Chemistry, students learned about solutions, and how pH and conductivity can affect the development of plants. All students learned how to work with arduinos that monitor humidity and temperature since those should be constants at all times.

With this project, students are learning and demonstrating independent responsibility, positive interdependence and solving real problems with a scientific experiment.

Ana María Campos Chemistry teacher

Andrea Polanco Biology teacher

Karla Varela Physics teacher

Julieth Lara Laboratory assistant 

Marah Franco Sabana’s University Intern

Resumen:Para responder esta pregunta, los estudiantes de 8º y 9º Grado están usando un modelo en el que simulan el crecimiento de las plantas en diferentes planetas. Para esto, varían condiciones como el PH, concentración de nutrientes y tipo e intensidad lumínica. En este proyecto integrado entre Biología, Física y Química han logrado demostrar cómo trabajar cooperativamente mediante los elementos de interdependencia positiva y responsabilidad individual. Así mismo, están resolviendo problemas de la vida real a través de experimentos científicos. 

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