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Celebrating Learning – AP Literature Courses

This week  in the AP Spanish Literature and Culture course we have been working on a series of debates based on the publication “The 100: A ranking of the most influential persons in history†written by Michael H. Hart, who, based on some specific guidelines, defines the most influential characters in history.

To take better advantage of this text, we decided to portray them according to their ideology and role in the history of humanity in an anachronistic and timeless debate.

Each student chose a character among the 100 and debated on a variety of topics such as  the very existence of God, the death penalty, and the sense of honor and war, amongst others.

It was a very fun and enriching activity for everyone.

Resumen: esta semana en el curso de AP de Español, Cultura y Literatura, estuvimos trabajando en una serie de debates muy interesantes. Estos se basaron en la publicación “The 100: A ranking of the most influential persons in history†escrito por Michael H. Hart, quien define, basado en unas directrices muy especÃ

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