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Celebrating Learning – Kindergarten and 5th Grade Online Classes

Students from kindergarten are learning about our globe and developed a beautiful project with the help of their teachers and parents, in order to find out more about our continents, countries and cities. Some of the questions they answered were:

  1. Which continent is the largest/hottest/coldest/smallest?

  2. In which continent is your country located?

  3. What city do you live in?

Students were prompted to use pictures of some of their trips and use some basic structures of English, e.g. This is Kamandu. It is in Nepal. I want to travel to Katmandu one day, in order to explain what they have learned.

We share the video produced by Mariana Pardo, from PKC, and congratulate her for her creativity, imagination and quality work! We also congratulate all students from Kindergarten for their commitment, as well as their parents for their support. Thanks to Sandra Rosero, the PKC English teacher, as well as her colleagues, Diana González and Margarita Gatián, for designing, planning, and implementing this project!

5th Grade

We also want to share with you the work of 5th grade students in their iCare project.  

For Virtues Development, students chose a shared goal with their family and defined the roles and jobs of each member required to attain such goal.

The following are the results!

Resumen: mientras disfrutan de sus clases en lÃ

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