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Connecting Knowledge, Usefulness and Developing Important Skills – Science Class – 7th G

Communication and cooperative work in Science

7th graders managed to connect knowledge, usefulness and developed important skills by working cooperatively in the design of websites for communicating their results in the lab practices done in Earth, Space and Physical Science.

When studying the matter unit, several laboratory practices were carried out which involved scientific reports. Due to the number of reports that would come out in a single unit, the students organized in work teams a web page whose bases were developed in elementary school, in which they would demonstrate the connection between the contents to generate a single abstract, introduce the topic at a general level, provide background information and explore tools to analyze and communicate these scientific results.

In this task, different ways of thinking were evidenced to organize information, as well as cooperative work to achieve high-quality products according to the age of the students and the development of their skills.

We are certain that these skills will continue to be strengthened over the years, demonstrating that to achieve expertise in any task, the practice has a fundamental role in that path.

We want to share this amazing work with you, enjoy.

Valeria Angulo, MartÃ

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