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First Graders Visit China – Spanish Class – 1st Grade

First Grade students continue to meet, learn and have fun while traveling through different countries; On this occasion, during their visit to the continent of Asia, specifically in China, they had the opportunity to directly experience learning through activities such as painting the map of this extensive country and, in turn, recognizing its capital, as well as having contact with the flagship flag of this place; on the other hand, they wrote their names using the alphabet of Chinese letters, they received the red envelope (hóngbÄo) which is one of the many traditions of China, in an envelope they kept a message written by them and a representative bill. They also made a Chinese lantern which they decorated with the different elements that are part of this culture.

And to close the activity with a flourish, they listened to the reading of the story “Ruby’s wish” and from this audio, they wrote three sentences in their notebook related to what they heard in the story.

They also learned about traditional Chinese dance and watched a short Chinese Lion show.

Claudia Liliana Vásquez Teacher of Real World Spanish in 1st ABC & 2nd A

Resumen:Los niños de Transición siguen conociendo, aprendiendo y divirtiéndose mientras recorren diferentes paÃ

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