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Frankestein Comic – English Reading – 10th Grade

Reading, as a skill, is necessary for future academic and career success. However, it is important to continue to foster and model a joy for reading throughout the High School years in order for students to want to read and become life-long readers. Therefore, over the past couple of weeks, 10th Grade students have been reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

In this unit, as well as reading the novel Frankenstein, students have also been exploring literary analysis such as theme, setting, characters, genre, mood and symbol. Students have learnt about the life of the author, Mary Shelley, and the history behind the book. Moreover, students have completed various pre-reading, during reading and post-reading activities to improve their reading skills. Furthermore, they have reviewed key vocabulary from the book. This unit has given the students the opportunity to satisfy their basic need of fun as the aim is to discover the joy of reading. 

Essential Questions:

Factual: Who are the main characters in the book?

Conceptual: What do you think is the “message†of Mary Shelley’s story: a warning against the pursuit of knowledge, a celebration of the pursuit of knowledge, or something else? 

Debatable: To what extent does the monster have human qualities?

For their summative assessment, students summarized the main scenes from the novel through the creation of a comic. Students were taught about different text features of a comic such as: speech balloon, thought balloon, caption, sound effect and emanata. Some students created a digital version, while others made the comic by hand. The students enjoyed the creativity of creating a comic.

Jenny Chant High School English Teacher

Please see below comic created by Aurora Barrios and Samuel Uribe.

Resumen:La lectura, como habilidad, es necesaria para el futuro éxito académico y profesional. Sin embargo, es importante continuar fomentando y modelando el placer de leer a lo largo de los años de la escuela secundaria para que los estudiantes quieran leer y se conviertan en lectores de por vida. Por lo tanto, durante las últimas semanas, los estudiantes de noveno grado han estado leyendo Frankenstein de Mary Shelley.

En esta unidad, además de leer la novela Frankenstein, los estudiantes también han explorado el análisis literario como el tema, el escenario, los personajes, el género, el ambiente y el sÃ

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