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Graphing Statistical Data – Math Class – 6th Class

In 6th Grade Math class, we are coming to a finish this school year and after the final exams, it’s time to wrap things up!. We are learning how we can graph statistical data with frequency charts and dot plot graphs. Back in April, sixth Grade students finished their 3D Sustainable Project. In this project, students used their knowledge of 3D objects to create 3D models or devices that can help with sustainability.

Students had the possibility to design a device that helps improve sustainability (i.e. saving rainwater for plants), teach about sustainability (i.e. how a solar panel works) or use recycled materials (i.e. a purse made from plastic bottles). Here are examples of some finished models. Enjoy!

Adam Flood

Mathematics 6th Grade

3D Sustainable Projects

Resumen: En la clase de matemáticas de 6º grado estamos terminando este año escolar y después de los exámenes finales, ¡es hora de terminar! Estamos aprendiendo cómo podemos graficar datos estadÃ

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