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Home Learning Plan News

Dear Community Members:

Receive this message with great wishes for well-being, health and tranquility for all families, teachers, administrators and non-teaching staff.

Like everyone in the country, we follow the news from our government and the competent health authorities step by step, through the page of the National Institute of Health,, where daily updated information about COVID 19 is published.

Following the guidelines established by the Government and the Ministry of Health, we want to report on the following points:

  1. We will continue our Home Learning program until Friday, April 3rd, as announced.

  2. We will have the usual Easter break (Holy Week), from April 4th to 12th, for Prekinder to 5th Grade. For Middle School and High School students, there will be classes on Monday, April 6th, and Tuesday, April 7th, as they are the least frequent days in the Home Learning program, so it is necessary to advance the curriculum of those sessions.

  3. The week after Easter break (Holy Week), April 13th to 17th, we will follow the established regulations of preventive confinement, therefore, we announce that the Home Learning program will continue that week as well. At this time, all teachers will have Zoom business accounts for greater effectiveness of the platform. Likewise, the school’s Directors are studying other online platforms that can provide more support for learning at home.

  4. We will wait for the news from the Government to know what measures we need to take from Monday, April 20th on.

We are committed to providing an online service in accordance with our Institutional Educational Project, providing sustained support in the academic, socio-emotional, spiritual and physical aspects. These are moments of being united, working as a team, for the well-being of the entire community.

Thank you for your support!


Queridos miembros de la comunidad:

Reciban este mensaje con grandes deseos de bienestar, salud y tranquilidad para todas las familias, profesores, administrativos y personal no docente.

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