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Home Learning: You can’t miss our website!

Home Learning represents quite a challenge: making sure that our curriculum, aimed at using and applying knowledge, is implemented in a meaningful and relevant way, although we are miles away. Every day is an opportunity to reinvent our teaching practices guaranteeing that the useful competencies for life and the world stated in THIS REAL are developed:

  1. Technology Use. Using Technology for integral health and sustainable human progress.

  2. Health Competence. Being physically, mentally and spiritually healthy.

  3. Inquiry Thinking & Acting. Going through the process of researching, validating and responsibly acting when learning.

  4. Systems Thinking. Being systemic when thinking and acting.

  5. Solving issues. Solving real problems with knowledge.

  6. Relating well with others. Relating through our virtues —SHICKEL—and the constructive habits.

  7. Ecological Competence. Conserving biodiversity and the natural environment.

  8. Analysis & Assessment of Self. Professionally self-evaluating, taking into account your own wishes, those of others, and those of the context (previously established rules and agreements).

In a school where relationships are at the heart of our Educational Project, the success of Home Learning lies precisely in how carefully each lesson is designed to foster students’ well-being. What matters the most is that our students feel safe and loved. 

Home Learning has been a collaborative effort of Teachers, Academic and Curriculum Directors, the Wellness Center, the Academic Council, our Digital Learning Consultant, the Communications team, the Principalship and the Presidency. 

We invite you to visit our renewed website and take a look at the different documents, webinars, and guidelines the school has prepared to make sure Home Learning has strong foundations and makes the most out of the learning experience via Zoom:

Special thanks to the communications team who made it possible! 


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