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International Dance Day

April 29th is the day where everybody around the world celebrates dance. We would like to acknowledge all the beautiful and hard working bodies that express everything words cannot. We embrace non-verbal communication (body language), honoring our emotions, feelings and emotional states around the world, thanking all dancers who continue to move gracefully at their homes, showing us that any place is a good place to dance. We congratulate all our dance teachers at Rochester School, Luisa Mateus, Marcela López, Ma. Paula Suárez, Lina Vanegas, Morella Zuleta, Angie Hoyos and Yuri Umaña, and feel proud of our students who, despite the circumstances, continue to dance online.  We would like to share with you the video of the wonderful ballet dancers from the Paris Opera, who have shared with the world, the way they train their bodies at home! We also invite you to read the International Dance Day Manifesto, written by Gregory Vuyani Maqoma, from South Africa. Enjoy the video and the article and celebrate dance!

Resumen: el 29 de abril es el dÃ

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