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Interviewing our Alumni: Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

“Dream. Take opportunities. Be happy in the things you do”. Fernando Grillo.

The new ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands is Fernando Grillo. He studied at Rochester School and graduated in 1984, the first class to graduate from our school!

One of his goals as an ambassador is to strengthen the relationship between universities in Colombia and universities in the Netherlands. He wants to allow more Colombian students the opportunity to have a high-quality education in the Netherlands. When we asked Fernando what his challenges were, he answered the following: “The biggest challenge I had in my path to become ambassador was to negotiate with all the workers’ unions of the state. I did it when I was working as director of the Civil Service. This was a great challenge because it meant representing the state in a negotiation that affects one million two hundred thousand people. That is the number of public employees in Colombia”.

When we asked Fernando what he remembered about our school, he used these three words:  Creativity, Commitment, and Legacy. That is how he remembers our school:  A family that is dedicated to education. 

Thank you, Fernando! We are incredibly proud of all the achievements our alumni accomplish every day. Thank you so much for continuing Rochester School’s legacy, your legacy.

Mario Nicolás Osorio Alumni Coordinator

Resumen: esta semana tuvimos el placer de entrevistar a un exalumno que se graduó en el año 1984, Fernando Grillo. Fernando nos comentaba sobre su más reciente logro cuál fue ser el nuevo embajador de Colombia en los Países Bajos. Los invitamos a escuchar un poco sobre Fernando y lo felicitamos por sus logros. Gracias Fernando por continuar el legado de Rochester, tu legado. 

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