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My Experience In The Stained Glass Project

Every time we make a project that challenges ourselves first it seems impossible but in the end, we feel proud of it. My Stained glass project was an example of it. I take approximately 3 weeks to make this project because no matter the topic it seems to be easy, the project had many details, and using the rubric was hard. I always like to go forward, and in this project, I feel I did my best and the result was amazing. I learned many things based on an amazing project like this one. First, teamwork is crucial for excellent work. I and my team work so hard that we end having our project. We divide ourselves and support each other in any doubt we have so we know everything was right. Also, in this project, I learned that mistakes are our friends. Based on my experience I had almost all the design finished but because a small mistake I needed to repeat the design with the help of my team and family I finish repeating it and improved the mistakes of the last one. With this, I learned panic doesn’t bring any good thing but at a difficult time, the best thing is to calm down and start searching for solutions. This project teaches me how to give my best, and at the same time trust people. Finally for you to know, we were supposed to make an stained glass based on functions and dots. We needed to find the intercept between each pair of functions, and then passed all this process digitally. Next, I will show you my design, my video and my report so you understand my ideas.

Sara Juliana Sanabria 8th Grade

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