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Our Experience at RMUN XVII – Highschool

After a virtual model, we are extremely proud and excited to return to an in person model. This is our first time as Presidents of the Press Committee, and although the experience is different from what we are used to, as delegates in other models we have found it to be exciting. Through this role, we have been able to demonstrate our abilities, in other aspects of the model. We hope that the Press Committee shines with its ability to share the development of the model from its first day all the way through its closure. We want to share what coming back in person to this type of academic activities mean, the different opinions from the participants and different situations happening throughout RMUN XVII 2022. Lastly, we see everyone involved: General Secretaries, Presidents and Delegates, excited and willing to work in order to have a great model; we hope that our products reflect everyone’s effort in the event. We want to share with you the website for RMUN XVII 2022, and a video from the first meeting. 

Mariana Carrillo 11º and Juanita Duque 11º Presidents of the Press Committee 

Resumen:Después de un modelo virtual, nos sentimos orgullosas y extremadamente emocionadas por volver a un modelo presencial. Esta es nuestra primera vez como Presidentes de Prensa y aunque la experiencia es muy diferente a lo que habÃ

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