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Our Newly Revised Virtues Development Curriculum

In this week’s Thursday Times we would like to share some changes made in the Virtues Development Curriculum for this academic year. For some years we have taught Virtues Development and Sexual Education with independant curricula and different ways to deliver information. Sexual education was a cross-cutting curriculum taught in different subjects from PK to 12th Grade, while Virtues Development was a subject with its own curriculum.

After a thorough revision of the learning expectations and delivery intent we decided to merge the Sexual Education Curriculum and the Virtues Development Curricula. This way, students will develop Sexual Education competencies while relating them to our Virtues from PK to 12th Grade. We also reviewed the relevance and opportunity of the learning expectations according to the requirements of UNESCO, CIS and the Colombian Ministry of Education. It is worth highlighting that sexual education does not refer to sexuality; it has to do with creating healthy and caring relationships with ourselves, others and the context, according to age level. We also created new learning expectations to increase the scope and sequence of the program during the school year.

We will highly appreciate and enjoy your comments, thoughts, suggestions and new ideas to achieve our goals. Please communicate with Pamela Ospina for additional information:

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