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Our Teachers are sharing Their Experience With the World

We feel proud of our teachers, who with their hard work and experience, have been invited to share their knowledge throughout the world. In this case, we would like to acknowledge the  work of Sandra Salcedo, our Music Teacher for Prekinder, Kindergarten, 1st Grade and 3rd Grade, who was invited by the International Music Mirabell Studio from Thailand, last tuesday, April the 28th, to teach a class for 35 families and 10 teachers, with tremendous success. Congratulations Sandra for giving peace, joy, hope and happiness to children, parents and teachers in Thailand. The world needs more art, dance. theatre and music. Thank you for sharing your expertise in music for people who need it!

Resumen: nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestros maestros, quienes con su arduo trabajo y experiencia, han sido invitados a compartir sus conocimientos en todo el mundo. En este caso, nos gustarÃ

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