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Prom 2020 Takes Charge of Homeschooling

Some of them are old…some of them are new…. but remember: we are all in this together, we all have what it takes…. be constructive…be SENTRAL Prom 2020 takes charge of homeschooling

This is how the senior’s infographic started, an initiative developed in the 12th grade mentoring classes about the key elements we all must take into account to be successful at home learning. Each mentoring group chose a word: responsibility, tranquility, positivism, and reflection.

They all worked together and reviewed the meaning of each word, what it entails in these circumstances, what we need to learn from it and how, if we embrace it, we are able to cope with these uncertain times. Then, they visited the zoom mentoring sessions of other High School and Middle School groups and taught their peers what they had learned. Thanks for helping us build learning communities!

We want to acknowledge the amazing work of our graduation class of 2020! In these quarantine times, they have been incredibly brave and have shown us that we can face the challenges we have ahead of us by working together and having strong determination, hope, joy, and commitment. As they said: “be SENTRALâ€, which stands for being supportive, encourage others, negotiate differences, trust and respect one another, accept each other and listen.

Dear Seniors, we couldn’t be prouder of you, continue shining and reaching for the stars! You give us hope! Continue sharing messages of kindness, hope, and the importance of being connected to one another, regardless of the distance, the circumstances, and the walls! Continue building bridges for all of us to cross!

Resumen: como parte de una iniciativa desarrolla en las mentorÃ

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