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Recognizing our Faculty and Non-Faculty Team

At Rochester School, one of our aspirational goals is establishing a leadership approach based on Choice Theory that is perceived as connecting, reliable, collaborative, responsible, sustainable and oriented towards quality. Last couple of weeks, we have been interviewing the Student Council about our guiding statements, principles and beliefs in order to make sure we walk the talk. Students perceive they live in an environment filled with love and respect, where values are important. They also mentioned that the school aims to keep improving through the years and never stops growing. One of the students summarizes it beautifully: “I think the school’s strength lies in the way we treat each other, we are like a big familyâ€. 

We believe in having a nurturing environment where we care about each other. That’s the reason why we celebrate when our faculty and non-faculty team meets a 5-year period. Staying at school is an indicator of both, happiness and professional and personal growth. Therefore, we recognize the work, commitment, and consistency of purpose of the Faculty and non-faculty members who today celebrate five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years. 

To all of you, our gratitude: you build the school day by day, making it possible to dream big! With your daily actions and your profesional, caring, and kind attitude you provide our families with a quality service! Without doubt you’re making a difference!  The School’s board congratulates each of you and deeply thank you for what you do every day. 

Five Years: Milena Caballero, Fanny Durán, Dora González, Maria Teresa Gutierrez, Luis Norberto Guzmán, MarÃ

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