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Recognizing our Faculty Team- Our Extracurricular Activities Team

We would like to acknowledge and recognize the dedicated work of the Extracurricular Activities Team, composed by Ma. Juliana Martínez, the Director, and Melissa Hernández, the Assistant.

Ma. Juliana Martínez, Extracurricular Activities Director

Ma. Juliana with her daughter, Sara.

Ma. Juliana is passionate about her work at our school and her favorite thing about working at Rochester is the opportunity to work with the extracurricular activities, which she finds valuable and important for students after school program in order to fulfill their talents and explore their skills. She loves working everyday with the students, seeing them grow and be happy with their choices. We feel proud of Ma. Juliana’s work! Thank you! 

Melissa Hernández, Extracurricular Activities Assistant 

Melissa has been working with us since August of 2019. What she enjoys most in her spare time is music and reading. What she loves about working at school is that she learns something new everyday from all the people that she works with, feels comfortable with her working environment, loves the warmth from her coworkers and thinks that Rochester School is her second home. We feel proud of Melissa’s work. Thank you!

Resumen: María Juliana Martínez, directora de Actividades Extracurriculares y Melissa Hernández, asistente de Actividades Extracurriculares, componen el equipo del Programa de Actividades Extracurriculares. Ambas son apasionadas de su trabajo y disfrutan el poder ofrecer muchas actividades para que los estudiantes exploren sus talentos y conozcan sus habilidades. Las dos se sienten felices de trabajar en el Colegio Rochester. ¡Felicitaciones para ambas por su dedicado trabajo!

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