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Recognizing our faculty team – Professional Development

Professional development is a priority at Rochester School. Therefore; there is a great amount of time and resources invested each year on training for teachers, administrative staff and parents.

There are training opportunities offered directly by the school, which are planned from the beginning of the school year, as part of the general timetable with professional days and sessions. For the teaching staff, there is a Teacher Competence-Based Certification Program. This certification is organized in courses displayed on the school’s platform Schoology, where the participants have access to all the material posted such as texts, links, rubrics, essays and practical exercises. There are two levels with six core courses in level one, five courses in level two and 11 elective courses. Teachers are required to complete all the core courses of the two levels with a total of minimum 36 credits, between core and elective courses, in a specific period of time. There are 4 face-to-face sessions and approximately 12 hours of self-study. Each course has specific learning goals and practical competencies.

Having explained our Certification Program for teachers, we are proud to announce that there are six teachers who have already accomplished the target goals and some of them went beyond the required number of credits. Other ten teachers are nearly there and by the end of this school year, we will have more certified teachers! 

Margarita Gaitán — Teacher of English & Math, Library Kinder A, IVL & Family Coordinator Kinder A.

Ximena Morales — Teacher of Colombia 2th ABC & 3rd ABC.

Fernando Pardo — Instrumental Music Teacher in Middle School, Music Teacher in High School & Video and Sound Professional.

Roxana Orguelt — Teacher of Spanish in 5th ABCD & 6thD.

Aida Ostos — Teacher of Earth, Space, & Physical Sciences in Middle School & Physics 1 in 9th-10th Grade.

José Luis Zamora — Mathematics Teacher in 9th to 12th grade and 9th Grade Mentor.


This training is carefully designed to support the school´s pillars and the professional needs towards the students’ success. It provides basis for class design and planning with practical strategies for teaching with choice theory, sustainability, technology, systems thinking, cooperative teamwork in the classroom, brain based learning and IVL, among others. All these strategies provide plenty of tools for having need-satisfying classes, where students engage in learning in a healthy environment with opportunities to use their knowledge and becoming internally responsible for their happiness and success. 

Mónica Bernal Silva Professional Development Director

Resumen: el desarrollo profesional es una prioridad en el Colegio Rochester. Por lo tanto, hay un gran cantidad de tiempo y recursos invertidos cada año en capacitación para maestros, personal administrativo y padres de familia.

Para el personal docente, hay un programa de certificación basado en las competencias que un maestro del Colegio Rochester requiere para ser exitoso. Esta certificación se organiza en cursos que se despliegan en la plataforma Schoology, donde los participantes tienen acceso a todo el material del curso, como textos, enlaces, rúbricas, ensayos y ejercicios prácticos. Para lograr el programa de certificación se requiere un mÃ

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