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Student Government

The time has come to participate in Rochester School’s most important democratic participation event! The School Government’s elections is one of the most important moments of the year, as, when students participate in the election of their representatives: Spokesperson, Student Council and Steering Council, they are helping organize, develop and evaluate the Institutional Education Project.  At the same time, they are exercising their rights and complying with their duties as an important part of our educational community, in accordance with Decree 1860 of 1994 issued by the National Government, and our Educational Community Handbook. In doing so, they become aware of what democracy entails and start getting ready to exercise their legal right to vote when they turn 18.

We invite students of all grades to properly inform themselves and make responsible and systemic decisions that strengthen our participation system. We also invite students to actively participate in the virtual Assemblies that we will be holding, organized by the Social Sciences Area. Your questions to the candidates will be fundamental to consolidate a civic culture focused on healthy coexistence, students’ well-being, safeguarding of students rights and democratic participation.

Resumen: ¡Ya ha llegado el momento de ser parte del evento de participación democrática más importante del Colegio Rochester! La elección del Gobierno Escolar es uno de los momentos más importantes del año, ya que cuando los estudiantes participan en la elección de sus representantes a PersonerÃ

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