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Students, Teachers, and Parents Celebrated Children’s Day

Last Friday, April the 24th, our teachers and parents celebrated a very special day, Children’s Day. Friday went on with online picnics, engaging activities designed by teachers, and classes filled with magic where students wore costumes and were superheroes. 

With joy and love for our children, we honor their lives with this adapted version of a lovely poem written by Avantika Sood.

A child is blessed everyday, To fulfill the dreams & overcome hopes and fears. From hearts and minds, Spirits and souls. Children love each other with no strings, So on this children’s day; I pray that all of us hold, To one another’s hands and together sing. Today in this land and all around the world, We too have the spirits of love, wisdom, and hope to follow. To love our fellow youths as our ancestors did; We hold in our hearts the hopes and wishes, Of every teacher, dad, and mom today in this place; With hugs and love and heartfelt kisses; to let me know that this is ‘Children’s day.’

Here some beautiful videos and billboards made with love and appreciation for our children.

Resumen: el pasado viernes, 24 de abril, nuestros docentes y padres de familia celebraron un día muy especial, el Día del Niño. Celebramos con picnics en línea, actividades entretenidas diseñadas por nuestros profesores y clases llenas de magia donde los estudiantes se disfrazaron y fueron superhéroes.

Compartimos con ustedes videos y postales hechos con mucho amor y cariño para nuestros estudiantes.

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