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Thank You Parents!

As we move on with our Home Learning Plan, we want to thank our families for their positive energy. Here are some testimonies from families that are enjoying their time at home. Please leave us you comments, we would love to hear from you.

Juan David Torres´s family, 11th Grade student

“What a great strategy, coordination and quality in the communication that the school has had to achieve 100% virtuality. I feel proud of the responsability that our children have to develop the virtual plan. Its is an example to show  to our community that the problems can become opportunities. The decision of working together, overcomes any barrier. I congratulate everyone for their commitmentâ€.

Valentina Aguirre´s family, 11th Grade student

“Many thanks to Juan Pablo, Iliana, Alethia, level coordinators and teachers; this is a great experience with a big impact in our children and the country. In this moments we need to be aware and contribute as a society to move forwardâ€.

Resumen: mientras que avanzamos con nuestro plan de aprendizaje en casa, queremos agradecer a las familias por su actitud positiva. Compartimos con ustedes algunos testimonios de familias que están disfrutando de su tiempo y aprendizaje en casa. Puedes dejarnos tus comentarios, nos encantarÃ

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