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The Importance of Arts in a Glasser Quality School

Arts Education is currently recognized as an essential and necessary area of ​​any school curriculum worldwide. The arts are recognized as “climate catalysts” within the school environment because through the activities, events and shows that take place inside, the learning climate becomes more friendly, sensitive, flexible and dynamic. 

Jane Remer, in her book “Changing Schools through the Arts”, states that “the arts provide a path for individual renewal because of its natural ability to stimulate the inner gaze, creativity, pride and the feeling of happiness. And also, because the arts are fun, they produce pleasure and well-being.†Thus, Remer insists, “the place of the arts in school education should not need justification as it is evident that they are energizing, life-bearers and spirit healers.”

Another view that demonstrates the importance of the arts in education, according to psychiatrist and pedagogue William Glasser, is to naturally induce people towards a cooperative work system and to explain this statement, he himself quotes W. Edwards Deming, who asserts that “a system is a great orchestra made of great musicians where each one is there to support the others, none is a prima donna, so that the orchestra is large and valuable because of cooperation.”  Cooperation or teamwork is another of the great contributions of Arts Education to the school environment. The big difference between a traditional school and a quality school, says Glasser, is that in the latter, the arts are considered as a vital, important and necessary part of the curriculum.

Finally, cognitive psychologist, brain researcher and author of many books such as “Arts with the Brain in Mind”, Eric Jensen, suggests that the arts build the operating system in the brain with strategies that strengthen any of the subsystems that make up the academic operating system. Arts provide hope, attentional skills, memory formation, processing, sequencing and other executive functions that are relevant to learning.

Having said that, we give a warm welcome to a semester filled with Uncoli Arts Festivals, starting with the Elementary Music Festival, in which our Junior Ensemble, performed on February 19th at the English School. We congratulate them and feel proud of their participation. Bring in the arts! 

Iliana Aljure Vice-Principal Arts Director

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