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Virtues Development – Acts of Kindness

It’s been 50 days of social distancing and preventive quarantine. It has been a bumpy ride: sometimes we enjoy being at home, and some other times we feel overwhelmed by multi-tasking and missing our jobs, friends and family. It is on these days that, even the smallest act of kindness, is evident and can really make a big difference in our day. What are some acts of kindness that you have done for someone else? What are some acts of kindness that you may have received? Have you appreciated this?

We invite you to embrace the moment and think about how kind we are. How kind are our actions and thoughts? Huge changes have taken place and some more are about to come as we are rewriting our own story. We invite you to take a look at the following story Great Realisation and think about how we are reinventing our own story. Hope you enjoy it!

Pamela Ospina Virtues Development Curriculum Director

Resumen: han sido 50 dÃ

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