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Virtues Development – Caring for others

According to Gary Chapman in the book “The five Love Languages” we demonstrate caring for others through five specific ways:

  1. Receiving gifts

  2. Quality time

  3. Physical Touch

  4. Words of affirmation 

  5. Acts of service

During this time of social distancing and preventive quarantine we have been challenged to demonstrate our love and caring through innovative ways. Last Friday, teachers received messages, cards, videos, music and gifts to communicate appreciation and gratitude. Each one of those caring messages was heartfelt and meaningful: we felt loved, valued and motivated to keep striving for excellence and passion for our job. Thank you! Thanks for the time you invested writing the messages, editing videos, sending a gift or making a call. Thanks for demonstrating we are part of your lives and that we belong to the same family: Rochester School´s family.

We are proud of being teachers and love being part of your families. We couldn’t have done it so far without your help, patience and trust. We thank you for everything you do daily to demonstrate love and caring for our whole community.

Click here for more information about “The five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. 

Pamela Ospina

Virtues Development Currriculum Coordinator

Resumen: de acuerdo con Gary Chapman, en el libro “Los cinco idiomas del amor”, las personas demostramos que nos preocupamos por los demás a través de cinco formas especÃ

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