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Virtues Development – Creating an Orchard at Home

Last week we discussed the importance of gratitude to maintain our Integral Health. Today, we want to invite you to create an orchard at home as a way to celebrate Earth’s Day and practice our gratitude skills while improving our integral health. You may follow the link provided by the Sustainability team in the infographic posted for instructions to plant the orchard. 

We invite you to plant your garden, together, as a family: enjoy, share and value being alive and together. Plan what you will plant and what you may harvest, imagine all the possibilities to enjoy a meal together that you created from scratch. Share the answers to these questions: How will this orchard improve your physical health? How does planting improve your mental health? How can it improve your spiritual health? Please send your thoughts, pictures, and reflections to

Pamela Ospina Virtues Development Curriculum Coordinator

Resumen: los invitamos a plantar una huerta en casa para celebrar el DÃ

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