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Welcome High School Students and Seniors

The Start of Our Year 

Everyone seems to have a renewed energy this first week. The excitement of new projects, courses and connecting with friends, seem to fill our school at this time.

This year is also full of transitions. Our seniors 2021 are starting the transition from school students to their university life. They all face the transition of taking a more active leadership role in their life, balancing academic requirements with their personal interests and keeping their life project as a goal. An exciting moment last week was the welcome breakfast for our seniors and the mass celebration to bless their last year with us at Rochester. We wish them the very best, hoping that they can savour every moment.

With most transitions come challenges and opportunities. Thus, in High School, we also welcome Ninth Graders to their first year in High School, accompanying them to get acquainted with the new dynamics, new teachers, and new subjects such as Portuguese and French. Tenth Graders are becoming more comfortable with their subjects and defining where they want to go with their life and interest, and Eleventh Graders are starting to think about their Social Service. 

Family Mentors and Teachers have worked hard to establish strong relationships based on trust and respect. We have also started to agree upon our grade constitutions and feel very proud to see how our students have considered the 3 values of this year for this purpose: optimism, gratefulness and caring. 

It wasn’t an easy start, as we really would have preferred to greet all students face to face, but we are grateful for the opportunity that virtual learning provides, and we´re hopeful that we will meet again very soon.


Iniciamos nuestro año escolar llenos de ilusión y alegrÃ

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