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Writing in Prekinder – English Class – PK

In Prekinder, students start recognizing some words and writing letters. According to the I.V.L. (Integrated Visual Learning) process, students should start by developing gross motor skills and, gradually, developing fine motor skills. In order to help students be successful in their learning process, they start by using their whole body to trace letters (in this case, letter Kk). We use tape to write the letters on the floor so they can walk over them and start recognizing their shapes.

Then, they write the letter using big spaces in a vertical position, for example, using markers on the whiteboard. After this, they can write the letter in a bigger notebook, repeating the shape of the letter, and once they are ready, they can use their Zaner-Blosser book, which has a smaller format and requires correct directionality and writing without tracing help. Developing motor skills is fundamental during the first years of school to build the foundations for a successful school process.

Laura Castellanos

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